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The Benefits of an In-House Safety Manager
without the Costs of an Added Employee 

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The Benefits of an In-House Safety Manager without the Costs of an Added Employee

For larger organizations, our services provide a valuable resource for your Safety Manager and reduce the amount of time spent tracking due dates and filing documents. 

SafetyNet provides tailored safety compliance management for municipal and private industry. After an initial onsite consultation to assess and gather information for tailored safety compliance programs, your safety compliance center is developed online. Our consulting clients receive their specific programs, general safety information, industry-specific discussion board and updates and the following: 

Inspection Scheduling and Notifications

  •  Weekly, biweekly, or monthly Toolbox Talk, complete with material and sign in
  • Development of Compliance Inspections and Notifications for Due Dates, with options to schedule them for completion
  •  Injury tracking and OSHA Injury Log documentation

Simplify Compliance


  • Access to general safety information such as JHA’s, safe work practices, SDS, supportive documentation and other useful resources
  • Ability to fill out confirmation of lockout/tagout permits, confined space permits, and trench permit documentation in the field on smartphone

Customized Compliance Training

  • Outline of YOUR training schedule and when it is due, complete with options and material to train it yourself, opt for online training, or the ability to schedule a live in house training
  • All with 24/7 online viewing, downloading, and uploading access!

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